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Land is a great investment for the future or maybe you are looking for a lot to build your dream home on?


A standard building site in Cape Coral measures 80 feet wide and 125 deep, which are two parcels measuring 40 x 125 feet each. You also find triple lots, which measure 120 x 125 feet and of course lots shaped other than rectangular, often at the end of a canal or an intersection.

Because Cape Coral is known as a boaters paradise with its more than 400 miles of canals (gulf access and freshwater combined), there are a lot more option than dry (off-water) lots and land along several beautiful planned golf courses or in gated communities.


Beside the riverfront lots along the Caloosahatchee River, the direct gulf access lots are the most valuable ones, which are not restricted by bridges, locks or lifts. Because the way to the gulf is not affected by a bridge, those lots are also known as sailboat access.


Lots with gulf access are the next most valuable lots and those also have access to the Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf of Mexico, but there will be a lock, a lift or only bridges to pass.


Cape Coral offers many freshwater lots, which have no access to the river or gulf, but often offer miles of waterways within the freshwater system, many lead you to freshwater lakes. Those lots are more valuable than dry (off-water) lots but less than gulf access lots.


Lakefront lots offer a great views over the water and are very desirable in Cape Coral and of course more expensive. You will find saltwater lakes with access to the gulf as well as freshwater lots.


As shorter the time is to travel by boat to the open water as more valuable your land is. Also canal width and canal intersections are a major factor in value as well as the rear exposure. While southern exposure offer the most sun at your pool area or backyard during the day, western exposure offer lots of sunlight in the late afternoon as well as beautiful sunsets.  Eastern exposures allow you to enjoy the early sunrise and sunlight in the morning hours while northern exposure provide more shade during the day, which some might prefer during the hot summers.




Buy land, they're not making it anymore! ... Mark Twain

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