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Real Estate - Buying & Selling

In times of modern technology and social media you will find a lot of helpful information about buying and selling real estate in the internet. However, there is no digital replacement for the human touch. No technology can meet all of someone's needs. It takes a real person with professionalism and integrity for a successful real estate transaction.



Buyer Information


When you consider to purchase real estate, I would love to be your  reliable and trusted Florida licensed real estate agent. As a REALTOR I have access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) database, which shows all detailed information about listed land, condos and houses provided by all other REALTORS. Usually, the seller covers the costs of commission. That means, the work I provide, is free for you!

I will gladly provide all the information you need about different kind of lots, zoning and assessments, restrictions, property taxes or liens, HOA and Master fees and explain the process of a traditional sale, short sale or foreclosure. I will explain in detail all the forms to submit an offer or an executed contract as well as the final settlement statement. I always recommend a home inspection and if you don't know an inspector, I will arrange such an inspection for you as well as a survey if needed.

Usually a title agency will do the title search, which shows any legal claims, liens or any other issues against the property. The title agency also orders a title insurance, which protects the new owner from future legal claims to the property if any.

I will be there for you from day one to closing with diligence and integrity!



Seller Information


If you consider to sell your property, I will gladly provide you with all the information you need. The choice of your REALTOR is important. Diligence, Integrity and excellent knowledge in marketing is critical for a successful sale. 

There are a lot more options to market your property than just a listing in the MLS and a sign in the front yard! Let me show you, which steps I take to market your Real Estate.

I will find out in which price range your property most probably will get sold and I will show you how comparable property got sold recently.
I also explain in every detail, all the forms we need, like the listing agreement, a submitted offer, the sales contract, addendums to the contract and finally the settlement statement.

A local title agency will do the title search and order the title insurance for the buyer, but also handle the complete transaction including the final closing. I personally will be there for you for any questions from day one to closing!


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